Lukos of Symi

Birth and Death

15 February AD 71 - Unknown

Also Known As

  • Lupus (Latin equivalent of Lukos)
  • Wolfie (by Alma)

Hair Colour

Dark brown





Signature colour


Family Members



  • Elena



  • the four detectives
Lukos or Lupus is a mute beggar boy and the youngest of the four detectives.

In the TV series, he is portrayed by Harry Stott.


Lupus was born Lukos on the Greek island, Symi, to Melissa and Alexandros. His father is killed while he is quite young by his Uncle Phillipos, later known as Venalicius, who also cuts out Lupus' tongue and takes him to sell as a slave. Lupus escapes from the slave ship, and, while living as a beggar in Ostia, meets Flavia Gemina, Nubia and Jonathan ben Mordecai.


Lupus is trusting, outgoing and one of the extroverts of the group. However, he can be unreasonable and is easily provoked.

Skills Edit

In the first book, Lupus is shown to be athletic and a good climber. He has a good aim and can write in fluent Greek, as well as Latin. He also has learnt to communicate without words, as a result of the loss of his tongue.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Lupus is small and lithe, and in The Thieves of Ostia is mistaken to be a monkey. He has dark hair, sea green eyes and no tongue. Lupus often wears green or white tunics.


  • Lukos is a male given name of Greek origin, meaning 'wolf'.
  • Lupus is a male given name of Roman origin, meaning 'wolf'. It is the Latin version of Lukos.


  • Both he and Nubia are known throughout the series by a name that is not their birth name.


Lupus appears in, among others, the following novels:

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