Quintus and Sextus Cornix are the six-year-old twin cousins of Flavia Gemina.


Quintus and Sextus live with their parents, senator Aulus Cornix and the Lady Cynthia, and many siblings in Rome. They are frequently bullied by their older brother, Aulus Jr and see Lupus as their role model.


The twins are extremely boisterous and enjoy gladiatorial combat and chariot races.


  • Quintus is a male given name of Roman origin, meaning 'born fifth'.
  • Sextus is a male given name of Roman origin, meaning 'born sixth'.


  • Quintus is the elder twin.
  • The twins have trouble pronouncing almost all words; it is because of this that Scopus is renamed 'Scorpus', as the twins cannot pronounce his name and others adopt their mispronunciation.


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